1. Recalling the Putrajaya Vision 2040, APEC reiterates our commitment to pursuing strong, balanced, secure, sustainable and inclusive growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

  2. APEC is determined to continue advancing its sustainability objectives in a bold, responsive, and comprehensive manner to address the heightened economic and environmental challenges and disruptions facing the region, building on our commitments in the Putrajaya Vision 2040 and the actions set out in the Aotearoa Plan of Action (APA), for the prosperity of all our people and future generations.

  3. By adopting the Bangkok Goals, APEC moves forward with outlining how to achieve its comprehensive and ambitious sustainability and inclusion objectives, while reinforcing and contributing to ongoing global actions. APEC explored approaches such as the bio-circular-green (BCG) economy model that integrates three economic approaches, where technology and innovation are used to create value, reduce waste, advance resource efficiency, and promote sustainable business models. It also calls for more holistic efforts to achieve more balanced, inclusive and sustainable growth. Such efforts should build on APEC's existing commitments and workstreams as well as consider new aspirational ones to further APEC's sustainability objectives.